Why us

The Better Beach Chair: North American White Oak 316 Stainless Steel Hardware Hand Dipped-Double Spar Varnish Marine-Grade Fabric Tenara Thread Stiched No Edge Binding

Everyone Claims to have the Better Product

So why should you believe that we actually do?

Since the 1970’s wooden beach chairs have largely stayed the same. Complacent, the industry refused to adapt.No innovation. Incremental improvement. Status quo.Same problems, and same points of failure.

Now your chairs and umbrellas will be over-engineeredNever over-hyped and no details overlooked. Just real quality. Rest assured that your New Wave chairs will give your guests the comfort and quality they deserve…

…and will exceed your expectations.

With heavy duty white oak constructionstainless steel hardware and double spar varnishing, New Wave Chairs and Umbrellas are now the new standard.

Making any day at the beach that much better.

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